Welcome To Our Club

The Port Melbourne Tennis Club was established in 1885.

In the early 1970s the club was relocated to the current site to allow for the development of the Graham Street overpass.

At that time the number of courts were increased from two to three en tout cas courts and the current club house was built.

The club is incorporated and managed by committee of management elected annually by the members.

What is Happening

With the increasing concerns arising from the spread of COVID-19, please be advised that the Port Melbourne Tennis Club (both clubhouse and courts) is now closed, effective immediately.

The committee has not taken this decision lightly but it considers it the safest for our members and the most responsible step to take for the health and safety of our community as a whole.

The swipe card system has been overridden so swipe cards will not work to open either the gates or the clubhouse until further notice. We very much appreciate your understanding and assistance with this. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates when any changes occur.

Swipe Cards

Thank you everyone for your patience with transitioning over to the new swipe card system.

If you are still to changeover your card (or purchase one if you didn’t have one), please email secretary@pmtc.org.au to arrange for a card.

Sunday Social

All members welcome! Every Sunday at 9 a.m. A good opportunity for new or interested members to join in.

New Members

Please email the Secretary at secretary@pmtc.org.au with any questions or go to our Membership Page

Light Tokens

Tokens available for members to pay for lights per half hour. Tokens may be purchased from Beacon Cove Food Store at 103 Beach Street, Port Melbourne.

Remember when using the lights that once the warning light is activated you have 5 minutes to either complete your game or to add more tokens. Do not let the lights go out & then add another token. You will lose your token.

Once the lights go out they need to cool down before they will start again!

If you have any queries or want further information contact one of the committee through the contacts page.

Become a Member

Become a Member

Port Melbourne Tennis Club

We welcome people from the community to join the club and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Please email the Secretary at secretary@pmtc.org.au with any questions or go to our Membership Page


Coaching is available.

Please contact our excellent coach Dimi and his team at MetroTennis or call them on 0417 581 318.

Become a Member