Member Behaviour & Child Safety

PMTC is a warm and friendly community club run by volunteers and enjoyed by many members of our community across all age groups and abilities including social, coaching and competition.  It is important to ensure that all PMTC members and associates have a positive experience, both on and off the court.  With that, comes responsibility for all PMTC members and associates to ensure this occurs.

Your membership requires you to please read and familiarise yourself with the following:

Code of Conduct

The PMTC Code of Conduct sets out the expected behaviours across the club generally, that of players, administrators and of parents & guardians.

In addition to expected behaviours, the PMTC Code of Conduct also includes important information regarding appropriate footwear and clothing, care for the en tout cas courts and etiquette regarding the sharing of the courts.

Please click here to read the PMTC Code of Conduct

Member Protection Policy

PMTC and its members are also bound by the Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy.  Please click here to read the Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy.

Child Safety

It is both mandatory and ethical to ensure all children involved with the club, in any capacity, are protected and safe from harm.

The Tennis Australia Member Protection Policy sets out pertinent information regarding child safety (pages 38-40) and Attachment C in addition to the Tennis Australia Safeguarding Children Guidelines.

PMTC’s Child Protection Officer is currently Marie Walters, Club President, mobile 0416 188 246.  If you have any concerns regarding the safety of a child or children within the PMTC community, please contact Marie in confidence.

Tennis Australia also has a reporting and support service available.  Further details can be found here:  Tennis Australia Support & Reporting Details