Port Melbourne Tennis Club Rules of Court Etiquette

  • In the event of busy times at the courts, players are encouraged to participate in doubles games in preference to singles.
  • As a courtesy, if other members are waiting, singles and doubles players are encouraged to complete their current set only.
  • Flat-soled tennis shoes without heels are strictly required to be worn on court at all times. Rippled sole, desert boots or shoes which are clearly not tennis shoes damage the court surface and are not permitted. Thongs and bare feet are not regarded as being appropriate for the courts.
  • Players are required to dress respectfully in neat casual tennis clothing when on court. This excludes all forms of jeans, long trousers, bathing trunks and football clothing. A top must be worn at all times.
  • Out of courtesy to other players, movement across the back of the court is discouraged when play is in progress.
  • In order to keep our courts in such great condition, players must water and sweep the courts on the completion of each set and on the completion of play.
  • Current members are welcome to invite visitors however, visitors wishing to use courts more regularly than four times per annum must become members of the Club. Any visitor violations may result in membership and access being cancelled.
  • During times of organised social play, participants are encouraged to mix and match the pairings as guided by the court captain.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute, the Committee may counsel any member for improper conduct or for non-compliance with the rules of Court Etiquette.

* General court availability is outlined on our website calendar. Kindly check prior to your arrival.

Recreational Tennis

When there is a court available (i.e. outside of scheduled competition play), members can gain access to courts with a swipe card that is issued at a small fee.

Visitors are permitted once a month for up-to three months unless an arrangement has been made with the committee. Any visitor violations may result in membership and access being cancelled.

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